HBCU Scholarship Background.doc

I help run the Professor of Naval Science, Historically Black Colleges
(HBCU) and Universities NROTC Scholarship Program.  If you know of any
young men and women who meet the criteria of the attachment, please do
not hesitate to give me a call.  The scholarship is no longer race based.
Everyone is invited.

All HBCU's that host NROTC Units will provide these scholarships.  The
schools are Southern University, Morehouse College, Spellman University,
Morris Brown University, Hampton University, Norfolk State University,
Florida A&M University, Savannah State University, and Praire View A&M.
There are 120 scholarships available in all, but I must fill them prior to
August 2002.  I have two filled, 118 scholarships remaining.  Feel free to
send this to the world.

Robert C. Morris III,
Major     USMC
Special Assistant, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Personnel Programs
(703) 693-0237
DSN   223-0237
fax   223-4959


PURPOSE:  To provide information on the NROTC HBCU Scholarship program.

BACKGROUND:  The HBCU scholarship program was established by CNET to reflect the intent of a series of Presidential Executive Orders providing special recognition of HBCUs and other minority institutions.  The program is focused on promoting and supporting the HBCUs and minority institutions by attracting individuals who lack awareness of the Four-Year National Scholarship program and encouraging them to participate in the NROTC Program at the designated HBCU/MI. 

DISCUSSION:  The HBCU Scholarship program guidance is prescribed by CNET letter.  There are seven NROTC HBCU units with various cross-town affiliates:  Hampton University, Norfolk State University, Florida A & M, Savannah State University, Prairie View A&M, Morehouse, and Southern University and A&M College.  Each NROTC Professor of Naval Science (PNS) at the designated HBCU/MI units may nominate up to ten scholarship recipient in each academic year. 

Any eligible male or female, of any race or ethnic background, may be awarded an HBCU/MI Scholarship.
There is no specific annual accession goal for the HBCU program, however there is the opportunity to award 70 total scholarships under this program each year.  PNSs may request additional scholarship quotas on a case-by-case basis.  Historically, there has been variability in the numbers of offers made by individual units.  There are no current plans to expand the HBCU/MI program.

PNSs send nominations to CNET for review/approval by the Director of Officer Accession Programs/Director of Selection and Placement.


· High school graduate or college Freshman with demonstrated academic performance
· Must be personally interviewed and nominated by the HBCU PNS
· Minimum SAT scores of 530 Verbal and 520 Math for a composite of 1050.  Minimum ACT score of 22 Math and 22 Verbal for a combined score of 44.
· Complete NROTC Drug Statement Form.  Applicants with previous drug use may not be awarded a scholarship without the specific approval of CNET.
· Possess a 2.75 or better grade point average and obtained a "C" or better in all courses attempted or completed
· Demonstrate a strong background in math/science and have "C" or better in college calculus, if completed
· Upon approval, the selectee must be found fully medically qualified.

The PNS HBCU scholarship may not be offered to the following individuals:

· Students with past affiliations with the NROTC College Program
· Non-select from any CNET-convened NROTC scholarship selection board
· Active duty military
· An individual who was disenrolled (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) from any officer accession program (BOOST, ECP, STA-21, ROTC, Service Academy, etc.).