Tuskegee Airmen from Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee

We are attempting to gather some history on Original Tuskegee Airmen from Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  This includes Pilots, Mechanics, Nurses, and other Staff and Support Personnel.  If you have any information about individuals from, or residing in Arkansas, Mississippi or Tennessee who participated in the Tuskegee Experience of World War II, please email us at taimem@aol.com.

Some of the Tuskegee Airmen reported to be from, or who have lived in these States are:

1)  Cpl Floyd J. Cawthon

2)  Cpl Andrew Chew

3)  Flt Officer Joseph E. Chineworth, Class 44E-SE – Memphis, TN

4)  SSgt Leslie Edwards, Sr., 617th Bombardment Squadron Flight A Maintenance Chief – Memphis, TN

5)  Pfc Steve Henry

6)  1stLt Walter B. Herron, Class 44J-TE - Memphis, TN

7)  TSgt Edward A. Horne

8)  Cpl Clyde P. Joyner

9)  Sgt Aldridge Ligon

10)  Pfc Ben Mayweather

11)  Cadet Albert Miller - Memphis, TN

12)  Pfc James Prewitt

13)  Sgt Theophilus W. Roberts

14)  John W. Rogers, Sr., Dive Bomber Pilot - Knoxville, TN

15)  Capt Harold E. Smith Jr.,Class 44I-TE – Memphis, TN

16)  Cpl Paul Taylor

17)  LtCol (Ret) Luke J. Weathers Jr., Class 43D-SE - Memphis, TN

18)  Dr J. C. White, Class44G – Brentwood, TN

19)  Katie Whitney Williams

20)  Dr Linkwood Williams, Flight Instructor - Memphis, TN

21)  Cpl Maurice Williams

22)  Cpl Sandy Wilson

23)  Capt Williard Louis Woods, Class 43H-SE - Memphis, TN 

24)  Cpl Albert Woodson

25)  2ndLt Albert L. Young, Class 44C - Memphis, TN