2001 Annual Report of President
DATE: May 06, 2001
FROM: Calvin Janes
RE: Annual Report of the President

Members of Memphis Chapter, TAI,

We have completed our forth year as a Tuskegee Airmen Chapter in the Memphis area. Even though we are busy with our jobs and other projects in our lives, we continue as volunteers to accomplish the tasks necessary to maintain this chapter and provide a much needed service for young people. I appreciate the help I have received from everyone.

During the past year we offered three (3) 2000 Memphis Chapter Educational Assistance Fund (Scholarship) awards of $1000 each. Our chapter donated $1500 which was used by our members to conduct the June 2000 Summer ACE Camp for youth ages 14-18 yrs. In February 2001 we co-sponsored the MEMPHIS AVIATION PROFESSIONALS Annual Luncheon and Youth Awards. Our chapter also provided tickets for students to attend this luncheon at no cost to the students.

For year 2001 we are offering three (3) Memphis Chapter Educational Assistance Fund (Scholarship) awards of $1000 each. Funding for these awards have been made possible by the sale of commemorative busts and plates -- partly by our membership, but mostly from other nonprofit organizations who sold the busts and plates as part of a joint profit raising venture. In order to continue to fund programs of this magnitude, it will be necessary for the members of our chapter to engage in some sort of profit raising activity or activities in the future.

In Apr 1999 at the Mid-South Airshow, we provided several volunteers to supervise the Civil Air Patrol and manage the seating areas for the US Navy Blue Angels family and guest, Navy league, Navy recruiting, Press, and the "paid seating area" designated for the general public. At the "paid seating area" our members collected thousands of dollars to benefit the Madonna Learning Center for Children with disabilities. We have been asked to help at Airshow 2001 on May 12 and 13. I ask that you volunteer and help make Airshow 2001 another successful public relations event for our chapter.

Memphis is the host city for the 2001 Joint 28th TAI/OBAP National Convention in August 2001. Please help our Planning Committee make this event a success.

Remember, we must continue to not let our organization wither or fade away. There are many youths who are in need of our financial assistance, and our moral and professional guidance. I am receiving request for motivational speakers as well as request for mentors. Regardless of your profession, you can help. Young people need motivation and must be aware of alternatives to alcohol, drugs, gangs, and violence. When I consider the positive impacts we have already made in the lives of some children, I am convinced of the need for maintaining our chapter.

We need to increase the number of members on the Standing Committees (Membership, Public Relations, Ways And Means, Archives, Bylaws, Educational, or Nominating). I encourage you to join one. It is not a requirement to attend every meeting in order to be a member of a committee. Contact one of the Committee Chairmen and let he or she know you are interested.

Please ensure you have a current copy of the chapter "Phone Tree". I would like to see the phone tree used in a more efficient and productive manner. Most of the time it stops before every member is contacted. I am asking each of you to take an active part in finding out where the breakdown is, and more importantly, ensuring that a breakdown does not reoccur.

Again, I remind you that our goals and initiatives are geared toward youth. We must always keep this in mind as we meet and plan for the future. Tuskegee Airmen membership is open to any individual willing to share in accomplishing these goals. Our society is diverse and so must be our membership. We must strive to make any individual desiring to assist us in accomplishing our goals feel welcome; regardless of income, race, sex, national origin or any other differences. What is most important is that we all move in the same direction. Help whenever you can and encourage others to do the same whenever they can. Any help, no matter how small you may consider it to be, is welcomed because it is better than no help at all.

It seems as it has been a quick two years since the 1999 election of Memphis Chapter Officers. Current plans are to complete the election of new Chapter Officers by Dec 1, 2001 and have them assume their duties by Jan 1, 2002. This could be my final annual report as your President. I thank each of you for your support over the last four years. Without you, we would not have been able to accomplished the many good things we have done for our community.

As with any organization, the success or failure of this Chapter depends on the support and contributions of the Officers and Members. You are the ones who keep the Memphis Chapter in existence. Our Chapter continues to provide a much needed service to our community and it is in good shape financially and has solid membership renewals. Let's make it better!

Thank you for your help and support!
Calvin Janes
Calvin Janes