2006 Annual Report of President
DATE: May 01, 2006
FROM: Calvin Janes
RE: Annual Report of the President

Members of Memphis Chapter, TAI,

Congratulations on having completed our ninth year as a Tuskegee Airmen Chapter in the Memphis area.

Events of the past year were very similar to those of the previous year. During the past year we offered a combined total of three (3) Memphis Chapter Educational Assistance Fund and Aviation Assistance Fund (Scholarship) awards of $1000 each. We allocated $1500 to be used by our members to conduct the June 2006 Summer ACE Camp for youth ages 14-18.

In February 2006 we participated in Aviation Career Week in which Aviation Professionals from around the country visited more than 20,000 children in the Memphis City Schools. This event ended with a Job Fair and a contest in which gifts were awarded to youth. In February we also cosponsored the MEMPHIS AVIATION PROFESSIONALS Annual Luncheon and Youth Awards and provided tickets for students to attend this luncheon at no cost to the students.

In October 2005 at the MidSouth Airshow, we provided volunteers to manage the seating areas for the US Navy Blue Angels family and guest, Press, and the Flightline "paid seating area". At the "paid seating area" our members collected thousands of dollars to benefit Mid-South Airshow Foundation designated charities.

In order to continue to fund our youth programs, we began a fund raiser in October 2005.

More schools than ever are requesting that we participate in career day events. This year we began a program of frequent Aviation in Schools visits where Aviation Professionals visit schools throughout the school year. As before, I request you "remain a member", "recruit a member", and "keep actively involved".

Thank you for your help and support!
Calvin Janes
Calvin Janes