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To establish a National Organization whose goals are to perpetuate the activities and achievements of those Americans who shared in the aspirations and frustrations of pioneering men and women in the Tuskegee effort, United States Army Air Corps/United States Air Force, and actively motivate minority youth to outstanding achievement and leadership in our democratic society. The principal educational and charitable objectives shall be accomplished through programs:

To bring together in a spirit of friendship and goodwill all persons of the area of the United States who shared in the aspirations, frustrations and success of pioneering men and women in the United States Military Aviation:

To conduct historical research and documentation of the achievement of those Tuskegee Airmen who served our country in the subject era;

To engage in motivation of young minority persons toward aviation and aerospace Careers:

To inspire our youth to outstanding achievements and leadership in our democratic society through social and educational activities;

To address matters of Social concern and engage in activities in furtherance of organizational objectives.

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